John Butler Primary College


In an increasingly technological and complex world, it is important to develop knowledge and confidence to critically analyse and creatively respond to design challenges.


Knowledge, understanding and skills involved in the design, development and use of technologies are influenced by and can play a role in enriching and transforming societies and our natural, managed and constructed environments.


Within technologies the students of John Butler Primary College are required to apply their personal knowledge, experiences, skills and resources to enable them to develop different technological solutions to meet the changing needs of daily life.

An inclusive, engaging and inspiring place of learning, where every student is supported to achieve their personal best every day.

Students will become innovative, adaptable and reflective as they select and use appropriate materials, information, systems and processes to develop and solve the immediate and long term issues that impact on society and it’s environment.


There are seven outcomes within Technology and Enterprise that are covered throughout your child’s education. These are:

  • Technology process
  • Materials
  • Information systems
  • Enterprise
  • Technology skills  and
  • Technology in society.


These learning outcomes will allow students to manage projects independently and collaboratively from conception to realisation. They enable students to apply design and systems thinking and design processes to investigate ideas, generate and refine ideas, plan, produce and evaluate designed solutions. They develop a sense of pride, satisfaction and enjoyment from their ability to develop innovative designed products, services and environments.

Realise your full potential at JBPC.