John Butler Primary College

College Communications

John Butler primary College uses ‘Connect’ as a primary communication pathway for all communication and notices to our Parents and Caregivers.


Connect is a secure online environment developed by the Department of Education for staff, students and parents in public schools. It will give our teachers a tool to deliver content to the students via an online classroom. This means your children will be able to share with you what they are learning about and maybe discuss issues together online anywhere, anytime. For you, Connect provides easy access to information relevant to your child’s classes and learning and also provides access to teacher feedback and attendance data.


We will be using Connect to keep you updated with important information. Things like up-coming events, excursions, classroom activities, newsletters, photos and stories can be sent to you via email or, if you prefer, via a push notification on your mobile phone.

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Download the free Connect Now from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
secure login information will be provided to parents to Connect via their current email address on file. If you have recently changed your email address please let us know by phoning 9562 9850 or emailing


How do I find out more?
• Check out the short video clip on Connect at




Our Newsletters are usually weekly and sent via Connect,


Our College encourages the use of emails to communicate with parents regarding important college and class information. Similarly parents are able to use emails to;

  • Notify the front office/classroom teacher of their child’s absence from college, and
  • Arrange or make an appointment to personally discuss a matter with their child’s classroom teacher


Emails should not be used to discuss concerns, issues or matters of a confidential nature.


Please ensure that you advise our college office of any changes to your email address in order to ensure up-to-date records are kept.


In 2019 our Connect online classes will be operational and communication between parents and teachers can be accessed through this secure online facility.

MGM Outreach+ Messaging Service

The college uses the MGM Outreach+ Messaging Service, primarily to manage our student absences.


Parents of students who are absent after confirmed updated registration each day,  will automatically receive a text message from the college.


The text message will read:


JBPC records show [Student Name]  is absent [Current Day], [Current Date]. Pls reply SMS or ph 9562 9850.  student name & reason


Parents can directly reply,  with the reason for student absence or contact the college to update our staff.


This service is intended to support and improve our student absence management.  Parents can still submit prior notification of absence through Connect, email or by contacting the college. This service will also be utilised on occasion to communicate messages regarding special and emergency events.

Phone Calls/Messages for Students

Only URGENT telephone messages can be taken for students. Students are not normally permitted to use the college telephone.

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