Student Reports

John Butler Primary College

Student Reports

At John Butler Primary College we believe assessment of learning is integral to the achievement of high quality learning outcomes.


We are committed to providing clear and consistent reporting regime.

Reporting for Years K-6 includes:

  • Written reports on a semester basis.
  • NAPLAN for students in Years 3 and 5 (National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy). Reports will be issued in Term 3.
  • Other methods of reporting will be used on a needs basis. They could be:
    • Telephone discussions between parents and teachers and informal encounters and discussions.
    • Parent teacher meetings that may include three way conferences in which the children participate
    • Information sessions about the teaching and learning program, timed to suit the needs of each child or year group
    • Letters and other forms of correspondence from teachers and other school personnel to advise parents about successes or concerns.
    • Child directed reporting, in which children show how their knowledge, skills and understandings have developed through discussions or presentations of key achievements.

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