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Our prospectus provides information about the College to potential parents, students and stakeholders.


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We invite parents of students that reside within our Local Intake Area to enrol their child at JBPC.

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Supportive Nurturing
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Identifying and Removing the Barriers to help your Child Grow


At John Butler Primary College we believe our differences are what make us special. We are all unique and we are all on our own learning journey. John Butler Primary College aspires to develop independent, self-motivated, lifelong learners who are considerate of themselves, others and the world in which they live


Proudly catering for all children of all abilities, our learning programs focus on the individual needs of every student, as well as their social and emotional needs, identifying and removing barriers to the participation and achievement of all students.


Together we learn, play and celebrate.

Educational Support

JBPC follows the One School Model which includes mainstream, education support and students with special needs.

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On-site School Care

The Out of College Care (OSH) Club provides a program at John Butler Primary College for before and after school care.

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Our prospectus provides information about the College to potential parents, students and stakeholders.

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We invite parents of students that reside within our Local Intake Area to enrol their child at JBPC.


Parents wishing to enrol a child can download the form and return it to the office staff at the College. If your application is successful you will then be asked to complete a Student Enrolment Form at the school. This form is included in a separate package of information.


Once the Application for Enrolment form is complete with all attached documentation, it is signed off by the Principal. The parent/guardian will then be contacted to complete the Enrolment process.

A proud school community

Family and community involvement in our students’ education is a priority at John Butler Primary College. Our active Parents and Citizens Association (P&C), engaged College Board, skilled staff, dedicated leadership team and supportive local partnerships bring together a community to enable us to provide the best possible opportunities for every student to achieve their personal best every day. An Out of Hours School Care Program is available before and after school to further support our school community.

A holistic approach to learning

John Butler Primary College has a strong focus on inspiring life-long learning and supporting students to achieve their academic potential as well as developing the skills and competencies they require to develop positive relationships, to manage their emotions and for mental health and wellbeing. We promote values that teach students to respect themselves and others, to develop a healthy regard for the wellbeing of others and to be active, empowered citizens.

State of the art resources and facilities

The modern, purpose-built facilities at John Butler Primary College create an engaging and inclusive learning environment that caters for every student at each phase of learning. Students in our Early Childhood Program enjoy a secure and appealing play space and purpose-built classrooms and facilities.


Students in the Education Support Program or those with additional needs have access to a heated hydrotherapy pool, a multi-sensory room and adaptive equipment to facilitate access to an individualised learning experience at John Butler Primary College. Collaborative work spaces across the college enable cooperative learning and break spaces allow students the opportunity to self-regulate and make positive choices about their own behaviour and wellbeing.

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