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Welcome to John Butler

Independent Public School - Principal's Message

Our unique College provides a supportive learning environment for children of all abilities from Kindergarten to Year 6. With education support facilities fully integrated, we offer a one school model based on universal design principles. All staff are intensively trained in evidence-based strategies to support students with educational needs. We offer inclusive classrooms, a hydrotherapy pool, therapy facilities and gym to support students across the school with physical support needs. We have established specialist programs to provide intensive support for students who may need extra help on learning and social behaviours.

Our core instructional approach utilises Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and positive behaviour support. These strategies create a consistent learning environment for all students to thrive in. We also utilise a unique learning acceleration model which maps each student on their own learning journey across the core areas of literacy, numeracy and socio-emotional learning. We believe that social and emotional aspects of learning are as important as literacy and numeracy.

At John Butler Primary College we believe our differences are what make us special. We are all unique and we are all on our own learning journey. John Butler Primary College aspires to develop independent, self-motivated, lifelong learners who are considerate of themselves, others and the world in which they live

Proudly catering for all children of all abilities, our learning programs focus on the individual needs of every student, as well as their social and emotional needs, identifying and removing barriers to the participation and achievement of all students.

Together we learn, play and celebrate.

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2021 Enrolments

2021 Enrolments

Strategic Priorities