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Student Records

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Student Records, Information and Access Rights

We treat students’ welfare as our highest priority, therefore it is important in the case of emergencies that we have the most up to date student and family information.

If there are changes of address, telephone number, emergency contacts or medical details please ensure that the college is notified immediately.

To assist us in keeping these records up to date, please let us know if any of the following details have changed:

  • Parents home phone number
  • Parents mobile phone number
  • Parents work phone number
  • Email address
  • Residential address
  • Emergency contact names and phone numbers
  • Medical details such as allergies
  • Doctor

Parents and carers are advised that the School Education Act obliges parents to inform schools of any Family Court Orders or other orders which are applicable to their children.

A copy of a Family Court Order must be supplied to the college so staff members are aware of family arrangements, restricted access, etc.

Documentation is required otherwise both parents will have equal rights of access.