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Independent Public School Status

College / Independent Public School Status

John Butler Primary College is proudly an Independent Public School (IPS).

An IPS is a public school where the principal has been given increased flexibility and responsibility to make local decisions across a range of school operations.

Principals of Independent Public Schools have more freedom to make decisions about important matters that impact students’ education such as the student support, staff recruitment, financial management, governance and accountability.

An Independent Public School caters to the specific needs of its students by determining the curriculum and specialist teachers required that best support them. Independent Public Schools may work in clusters, which enables them to effectively combine ideas and resources to create even greater flexibility and opportunities for each school.

Like all public schools, principals of Independent Public Schools must comply with relevant legislation, industrial agreements and whole of government policies and initiatives including:

  • School Education Act 1999
  • School Education Regulations 2000
  • School Curriculum and Standards Authority Act 1997
  • Public Sector Management Act 1994
  • Financial Management Act 2006

Download IPS Review

We have recently received Our Independent Review Findings Report which is the official report of the reviewers who attended the college. Commendations were shared with the College Board members and college community.  The significance of what has been achieved in our first three years was acknowledged by all.

Commendations (the following areas are commended):

  • establishment of a one-school model to cater for the diverse needs of all students;
  • the progress students have achieved to improve their learning from a comparatively low base;
  • the commitment of staff for their collaborative achievements in self-review and planning for improvement;
  • the implementation of a positive and effective behavior education plan;
  • the organization of classes to ensure consistent and stable learning for all students;
  • establishment of a positive and inclusive learning environment based on trust and support amongst all, focused on the belief that every student is capable of successful learning.

These significant commendations would not have been possible without the combined endeavours of all college community members during our first three years.

Whilst there is much to acknowledge our journey has only just begun. We intend to build on our successes and address the following areas of improvement identified by the reviewers.

  • Set specific and measurable student learning targets in the next Business Plan.
  • Review the teacher moderation process to verify and validate the allocation of student grades.
  • Review planning for Science to achieve a consistent whole college approach and moderation of teacher judgments.
  • Review the coordination and leadership of the pastoral care program to ensure the participation of all relevant personnel.
  • Conduct a formal self-review of Board operations on an annual basis to determine the effectiveness of the Board.

Please click on the link opposite for the full report findings