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Uniform Concepts

Uniform Concepts

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The John Butler Primary College community believes a dress code:

  • Establishes and enhances the image of the school.
  • Establishes college spirit and teamwork.
  • Ensures students are safely dressed for specific school activities.
  • Encourages equality among students.
  • Prepares students for work, as many work places have dress and safety codes.

The wearing of the college uniform at all times is encouraged.

Dress Code Requirements

Students are encouraged to wear the following:


  • Navy shorts, skorts, track pants.
  • John Butler Primary College polo shirt


  • Navy shorts, track pants.
  • John Butler Primary College polo shirt

John Butler Primary College has a strict ‘No Hat No Play’ policy. Purchase of the surf hat with logo is strongly recommended.

Appropriate covered footwear, ie no thongs, ugg boots, massage sandals or surf sandals.

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