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College Overview

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College Overview

Servicing the northern suburbs of Perth, John Butler Primary College is regarded as one of Perth’s premium primary schools. As an Independent Public School, John Butler Primary College has the freedom to make decisions about important matters that impact on student’s education, such as curriculum, student support, financial management and accountability. Significantly, we have complete control over the selection of teachers and other staff members. This enables us the select teachers of the highest quality which, along with family support, is the single most important element in ensuring positive outcomes for all students.

John Butler Primary College is committed to working with the community to implement the Australian Curriculum. We adopt a child-centred approach that focuses on raising the level of social and emotional competencies in each child, which will provide a strong foundation for future learning. Our College promotes inclusive work practices involving identifying, and removing barriers to the participation and achievement of all students, and actively working with all stakeholders to ensure the college becomes an integral part of the community.

We believe that there is nothing more important than strong, positive working relationships that allow everyone to achieve maximum potential and growth. We therefore encourage parent participation and work with parents to offer ways to contribute. These include parent workshops, P&C meetings, participation through the College Board and a variety of opportunities to help in classrooms.

We want students to become responsible decision-makers who have a commitment to strong values. “Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do”. We can only achieve this outcome through classroom and school-wide processes that promote reflection and education. and not through manipulation using rewards, praise or punishments.