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College Boundary

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College Boundary (Local Intake Area)

Public schools have local intake areas to determine who is eligible to attend each school. These intake areas are geographically based – so where you live determines where your child is guaranteed a place at school. John Butler Primary College has a Local Intake Area which is listed below.

Regardless of the fact that you are within a local intake area, you still need to enrol your child to attend in order to secure their place.

If you wish to apply for your child to attend another school outside the local intake area, you should contact the school directly and speak with a member of the school leadership team. Whether your child’s application for enrolment is successful depends on a number of criteria including the availability of places.

The following will define the local-intake area (boundary) of the college school from 2017:
From the junction of Carmathen Avenue and Camborne Way south east along Camborne Way (east side included) to Whitland Street, north east along Whitland Street (north side included) to Goodwick Street, east along Goodwick Street (north side included) to Exmouth Drive, north west along Exmouth Drive (west side included) to Butler Boulevard, north east along Butler Boulevard (north side included) to the railway line, north along the railway line and the planned route of the railway line to Romeo Road, south west along Romeo Road (south side included) to Marmion Avenue, south along Marmion Avenue (east side included) to Santorini Promenade, west along the western extension of Santorini Promenade (south side included) to a point on the northern extension of Marlinspike Boulevard, south along the northern extension of Marlinspike Boulevard (east side included) to Selacosa Way, west along Selacosa Way (south side included) and its extension to the coastline, south along the coastline to a point located on the south western extension of Carmathen Avenue, north east along this extension to Carmathen Avenue and north east along Carmathen Avenue (north side included) to Camborne Way.
Download John Butler Primary College Intake Map