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Behaviour Education

Our College / Behaviour Education
School Values Expected behaviours
1.    At school we are safe.

·         Use a safe body

·         Walk on the concrete

·         Climb only on the climbing play equipment

·         Keep your hands and feet to yourself

·         Stay in your own space

·         Use furniture and equipment safely

2.    At school we are respectful

·         Use calm and kind words

·         Treat others as you would like to be treated

3.    At school we strive to achieve our best

·         Stay in class unless your teacher gives you permission to leave

·         Ask permission to leave the classroom if you need to

·         Follow instructions

·         Do your best work

4.    At school we persevere

·         Ask for help when you need it

·         Be brave, try again

·         Be strong, try even when it is hard

Behaviour Education and Self Management

John Butler Primary College is committed to developing Behaviour Education and Self-management (BESM). We embrace a values based approach to learning which underpins our culture and we see BESM as the responsibility of the entire community. Students, parents and teachers need to have a clear understanding of what is expected, in regard to how we treat each other, to ensure a welcoming learning environment that is supportive and safe.

At John Butler Primary College we expect our students:

  • To be punctual and attend college prepared for learning;
  • Try as hard as they can and make mistakes in order to learn;
  • To behave in an appropriate manner.

The behaviour code adopted within the college is premised on mutual consideration, respect for others, education and self -management.

Children are asked to take charge of their own behaviour, be cooperative and considerate, respect themselves and others, be resilient and persevere.

Regulations and rules are kept to a minimum and are introduced on the basis of mutual benefit and protection of the rights of the individual.

Students are made aware of their responsibilities toward each other, the staff and their college.  They are encouraged to accept responsibility for and consequences of their behaviour. Great emphasis is placed upon the student’s right to a secure and safe environment where his/her interest and ambition to learn will not be interfered with or disrupted by others.

We believe Manners are the lubricating oil of a college. Manners are simple things like saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and knowing a person’s name or asking how they are – create the tone and culture of the college.

Our teachers have attended professional learning on Restorative Practice and it is being implemented at the college. The aim of Restorative Practice is to encourage the use of restorative approaches to manage conflict and tension, by focussing upon repairing harm and strengthening relationships. Discussions with students are based on two sets of restorative questions.

The goals of Restorative Practice and assertive discipline are to teach students to make responsible choices and follow frameworks of responsible and acceptable behaviour within the classroom and in the playground.

At John Butler Primary College it is our aim to create a ‘non-bullying’ environment

  • Where we aim to promote a college ethos wherein bullying is openly discussed and seen as unacceptable behaviour.
  • Where we emphasis the importance of respecting the feelings and emotions of others.
  • Where we are given the opportunity to discuss tolerance and friendship and to learn strategies to promote communication, problem, solving and conflict resolution.
  • Where we can lay the foundations for proactive prevention of potential bullying situations.
  • Where the focus is on finding a solution and not finding someone to blame.
  • Where bullying (physical, verbal or emotional) is not tolerated.